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Independent host
Model: Xiamen Gaodian Computer Room Telecom 1U

Price: RMB 6000.00 per year
  • Xiamen Telecom's Gaodian Internet Data Center has an area of 1,200 square meters and a total cabinet capacity of 200. It is currently the largest IDC room in South China. In addition to the IDC computer room under construction in Jiangtou Telecom Building and the second phase of the software park, Xiamen Telecom's Internet data center currently has three high-quality computer rooms, with a total export bandwidth of 45G national backbone nodes and access to Guangdong Metropolitan Area Network and Shanghai Metro The 10G relay direct connection circuit is currently one of the advanced Internet data centers in China. As of now, Xiamen Telecom IDC has 150 customers and more than 2,300 servers, including Shenzhen Tencent, Beijing Sina, and Customs Group electronic port data. Center and other famous enterprises.
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